Your  sessions  help  me  overcome  stress  and  fatigue,  correct  my  posture,  and  relieve  pain.  I  walk  out  the  door  a  better  person  than  when  I  entered,  testimony  to  the  “magic”  that you do.

Bashir D.

Hadassah’s expert coaching is an integral part of my Gyrotonic experience. She teaches the movement sequences seamlessly and her feedback is always encouraging and insightful. She makes me feel great.

Alexis J.

Hadassah has a thorough knowledge of the body and its underlying physiology. She has a wonderful, people-oriented teaching style coupled with a calming demeanor. Her class has become the focal point of my weekly exercise routine. I will do anything to avoid missing it. I cannot praise Hadassah, her teaching style, or her classes highly enough.

Roger R.

When  I  am  in  your  sessions,  I  don’t  feel  embarrassed  or  judged  about  my  body,  and  it’s  truly  been  a  freeing  experience.

Cheryl  S.

Thanks to Hadassah, my overall physical condition has improved dramatically. Since working with her, I bend lower, stretch further, balance better, and stand taller. A chronic pain in my shoulder has virtually disappeared. Best of all, I truly enjoy Hadassah’s exercises. I find them extremely soothing, mentally as well as physically.

Gary W.