What is the Gyrotonic Method?

The Gyrotonic Method is a holistic and expansive full body exercise system. Clients work out on a specialized pulley tower with weights and resistance to connect, strengthen, and stretch the body head to toe. Sessions are 1:1 and 55 minutes.

Gyrotonic exercise flows in circles and spirals, and offers benefits similar to swimming, tai chi, and yoga. The movements are fluid, fun, gentle on the joints, and excellent for rehabilitative purposes. Many clients say that it feels as much like a massage as a workout.

Core objectives of Gyrotonic exercise:

  • Creating length in the spine and space in the joints
  • Strengthening and balancing neuro/muscular /skeletal connections
  • Enlivening the breath and flow of energy in the body
  • Awakening the senses
  • Exercising= a pleasurable and harmonious experience

Benefits of Gyrotonic exercise:

  • Relief from aches and pains
  • Increased flexibility, mobility, and balance
  • Core strength
  • Beautiful posture
  • Body awareness and confidence
  • A deep sense of well-being

Who is Gyrotonic exercise for?

Gyrotonic exercise is for people of all ages, fitness levels, and abilities. It is for people looking to expand their exercise options, explore new ways of moving, maintain an active lifestyle, prevent injuries, and/or rehabilitate from existing injuries. The Gyrotonic Method is for anyone seeking an energizing and revitalizing exercise experience which feels great, both during the process and afterwards.

Some of my clients include:

  • People seeking relief from chronic aches and pains
  • Older Adults desiring strength, balance, flexibility, mobility
  • Dancers, such as ballroom,  ballet, and modern dancers looking to complement their training
  • Athletes re: injury prevention, rehabilitation, & improved performance
  • Anyone looking to get into shape and delight in the process

Where is my Gyrotonic studio located?

  • Newton, MA.

How do I schedule a Gyrotonic session?

To schedule a Gyrotonic session, or for further inquiries, please contact me.

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