Group Classes

Group Classes are all pre-recorded and available ONLINE!

Gentle Yoga (8-week sessions. Cost: $144)  Available Now!

Class participants describe my Gentle Yoga classes as relaxing and rejuvenating. The focus is on stretching muscles, aligning bones, and moving with breath. My material is movement oriented, drawing on a variety of somatic disciplines, as well as my modern dance background. Gentle Yoga is excellent for anyone seeking stress relief, improved flexibility, increased body awareness, and reprieve from aches and pains.

Movement Flow (8-week sessions. Cost: $144) Currently Not Available.

Movement flow combines gentle stretching, simple modern dance choreography, light weights, and uplifting world music. Movements are flowing, expansive, and three dimensional. Participants describe this mind/body/spirit class as energizing, simulating, and joyful. Benefits include improved body awareness, strength, balance, coordination, and overall well-being.

Core Awakening (8-week sessions. Cost: $144) Currently Not Available.

This class is a lyrical fusion of Pilates and modern dance inspired exercises. The focus is on core awareness, core strength, and toning. Stretches and three-dimensional movements are interwoven throughout the class. Class concludes with ten minutes of light weights. Benefits of Core Awakening include a strong and supple center, a pain-free back, and easeful and upright posture.

Videos are pre-recorded and available for seven days. Each week (of the 8-week session) I take down the old class and put up the new class.

All one-hour videos are recorded in two half hour parts. This allows you to find a natural pause if you don’t have time all at once.

I am posting my videos on YouTube as unlisted and invite you to view classes once you are signed up.

Session: 8 classes over 8 weeks.

Cost: $144. No single classes, just package offering.

To register, please contact me.